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Final – PST Bottini Fuel World Open 2013

 Wade vs Mel2

Well it didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped, but overall, I’m not too disappointed with the tournament. It was my first tournament in 6 months and there is something to say about lack of match practice. Sherbini played well, although there was a little more pushing and shoving then I would have preferred, but that’s just how some people play.

The first game was just feeling each other out without being too crazy and I was able to squeak it out 11/9. I wasn’t feeling overly comfortable, but was happy to have won it. The second game I slowed down the pace too much and allowed Sherbini to dictate play. I felt a little sluggish and my brain was a little scattered and I proceeded to lose that game quite easily 11/6.

The third was better and after some brainstorming with my super coach and wife Heather after the second game, I concentrated on trying to lift the intensity. I hit my stride in the third game and even though I lost, I felt the plan was working, but Sherbini was able to hang on enough to pull it out 11/8.

Fourth game was tight, I continued with a high pace and it was a see sawing affair, but Sherbini made a few more unforced errors than I did. I started to volley drop straight more, which was working well. We were both doing a lot of work, but I was able to win that game 11/8 and take it to a fifth and deciding game.

I started really well in the fifth and was pushing him back and stepping forwards and volleying again, which is what I love. I had a 6-2 lead when I put a backhand drop in the tin, which I then felt the momentum of the match swing. Sherbini pulled back a couple of points and he was back in the ball game. I had a couple of point break and he hit a frame winner to pull him within one point. Things were getting tight at 9-9 and when I won the next point I felt very confident and comfortable. I hit a great backhand crosscourt, deep into the forehand which court Sherbini a little wrong footed. I remember thinking, that’s a good shot, he’s going to be under pressure and give me a loose ball here, but unfortunately the squash gods were not with me and Sherbini framed the ball, which ended up as a straight drop shot winner. 10-10 tie break. It was a good next rally, but I was caught wrong footed and a straight drive by Sheribini gave him match ball. A desperate rally for the next one and a last desperate dive, match over. It could have gone either way there, a few framed winners that could have been frame tins and the results reversed.

Still, very happy with how I played, there wasn’t much more I could do. A good match to learn from before my next tournament in Detroit in two weeks at the PST World Championships 3-5 May. I hope you can join me then.

There’s always next time……………..


Preliminary Matches – PST Bottini Fuel World Open 2013

Wade vs F

I hope some of you have had a chance to watch some matches on

I’ve had a good tournament so far, with some comfortable matches in the first two rounds. My first match was against a local player Sudesh Ojageer, which was light hearted and good fun. He was very grateful that I didn’t beat up on him too much and we put on a good show for the crowd, in which I won in 4 games.

I had a comfortable victory in my quarter final match against Ricky Weisskopf from El Salvador, although it wasn’t tough physically, my brain wasn’t very switched on. I was a little lackadaisical, as I was feeling very comfortable and under no pressure. I won the first after I think 2 game balls down, which rattled him. I won the second very comfortably and then totally switched off for the third, which I lost in a tie-break. I wasn’t worried at all, but Ricky came out firing in the 4th and I was 5-0 down. I started to get a little worried at that stage, but knew I was physically in better shape, so I just started extending the rallies. This strategy worked very well as, very quickly he was sucking wind and not able to compete with my increased intensity. I won that game and the match (in the end) comfortably.

My semi final match against Fabian Kalaitzis from Greece was a very good match. Fabian had won his quarter final match in a tough 5 games and I knew he’d be tired. He’s been around for years and is a great player, but once again after his quarter final match my game plan was just to pulverize him physically. I started out at an extremely high tempo and was in a much better frame of mind than my earlier matches. I was volleying a lot and taking the ball short on the 17inch tin, which made Fabian have to do a lot of work. I won the first game 11/6. The second game I knew Fabian was tiring, but he played really well and dug deep into his reserves to win the second game 9/11. I wasn’t worried at all with losing the second game as I knew he’d worked extremely hard in the first two games. I increased the tempo in games three and four and Fabian couldn’t sustain the pace, I walked away with the last two games and the match 11/4 11/4, winning 3-1.

I’m looking forward to my next match with Mohamed El Sherbini, who knocked out the number one seed, Stephano Galifi from Italy. I played Mohamed two years ago in Baltimore and won easily in 3 games, but he’s improved a lot in the last two years and it’s going to be a very difficult match.

I hope you can tune in for the final with myself vs Mohamed El Sherbini at 2.45pm (Sunday afternoon).