Quarter Final – PST World Championship 2013

Things went well today, I won my quarter final match against Shahid Khan 3-0, 11/5 11/7 11/5.  I was never under any serious threat and I was very happy with how I played. It was more to the game plan that I like to play of getting my opponent deep behind me before attacking short with my volleys. Once again my super coach Heather, was there to grant me the wisdom of her years watching me play squash. I believe she has learnt a lot from me sitting her down to make her watch my matches over and over again on video.

I’m hoping to continue implementing the same game plan tomorrow against Mohamed El Sherbini in the Semi Final 2.30pm. I don’t feel like I utilized that game plan enough when I lost that close match two weeks ago. So that’s the game plan for tomorrow, to make sure I hit a good length to get front position before attacking short with my volleys. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch and you’re enjoying the squash so far.


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