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There is no better way to work on your Technique and make it world class than to have a private lesson.  The private instruction will help you learn the correct swing and court movement while still focusing on tactical awareness.


These sessions are a mixture of Clinics and Private Instruction.  You will work on a little technique and then be challenged to incorporate it into match specific routines.


These clinics are specific to the closely matched ability of the participants and incorporate routines and drills utilized by the top professional players in the world to reach, maintain and improve their current levels.  The clinics focus on major components of tennis, such as tactics and fitness, but also incorporate the fun side of match play and match specific routines.


It’s all about matches.  Incorporating things learnt in private/semi private and clinic lessons into matches.


For more information or to book a lesson/clinic/match please contact:

Wade Johnstone
Squash & Tennis Professional
Cell: 443 722 8839

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