Tournament Coaching


In regard to matches occurring at the same time:
•    Whoever is still in the main draw gets priority over those in Classic Plate, Consolation and Plate
•    Classic Plate gets priority over Consolation and Consolation gets priority over Plate.
•    If two players in the same age group are both in the main draw or two players are both in classic
plate/consolation/plate, I will do the following:
 Conflicting 1st round main draw match start times in the same division. Whoever signed up first
for the trip gets to choose if they would like to be coached in the 1st or 2nd round.
 If the same two children clash again in the next round (i.e. both in consolations), I will coach
the child who didn’t get coached previously.
•     If two players in different age groups are on at the same time, I will speak to the children involved
and if between ourselves we can’t decide who should be coached I will flip a coin and I will coach
the winner of the coin toss.
•     If players I am coaching end up playing each other in the tournament, I will not coach either child.

Below is what you are receiving from my coaching expertise. I will:


•    Advise the player on tactics and mental preparation before the match
•    Take each player through a warm up and dynamic stretching routine to prepare for the match
•    Video matches (as long as opponent gives permission).
•    Take winner/error statistics of each match watched
•    Advise player between games
•    Engage in a post match analysis and discussion
•    Collate winner/error statistics onto an excel spreadsheet to determine problem areas and a copy can be provided on request.
•    Do a video analysis of matches with the player to further the improvement of tactical awareness.
•    Copy all matches from a tournament onto a DVD for your personal copy on request.

If anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me either via: or 443 722 8839.

Best Regards,

Wade Johnstone
Head Squash Professional
Baltimore Country Club

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